By Blake Musser
July 4, 2017

We sometimes believe we have to travel to see and experience something.

For several years prior to moving back home to Freeport, my wife and I lived in Washington, D.C. When we first moved there, we spent every spare moment exploring. As time passed, we were often amused (and a little embarrassed) that the only time we went out to the museums, memorials or the other culturally enriching events was when friends and family visited.

For us, the trick is to remember to participate. To jump in the car or simply walk down the block and just go. Adding children to our family (currently, we have two under the age of 4) has helped us experience our area with a fresh set of eyes.

We explored our history at the Stephenson County Historical Society’s Taylor Mansion, enjoyed an outdoor experience at Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park and appreciated our community’s commitment to the arts at our amazing Freeport Art Museum. With or without kids, these stops and excursions have a lot to offer.

In each of the next three months, Collaborate Freeport has identified a local destination weekend: a weekend full of events and activities that are both great for bringing in tourists and exciting for locals. We have made it our mission to spread the word about these weekends and enable people to take advantage of the great happenings right here.

They include:

  • July 21-22: Halo’s of Hope Knit-a-Thon and Prohibition Freeport.
  • Aug. 12: Cruise Night.
  • Sept. 15-16: Paint the Port, Tour de Freeport, Brewfest and Paddle the Pec.

In addition to these destination weekends, local events and activities are being held all the time. This weekend, Freeport’s talented George Buss and Tim Connors will portray Lincoln and Douglas. At 1 p.m. Saturday at Debate Square (next to the Union Dairy) in Freeport, they will discuss unanswered questions that have remained hidden in history. Afterward, they will continue the conversation, in character, at The Wagner House.

Put these events on your calendar now, and let’s start seeing the amazing things right here in our backyard. I’ll be at each of these events. Stop me and say hello.

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