About this Event
We are continuing to plan for Cruise-Only Freeport 2020!
While we can not have the car show this year due to social distancing guidelines, we are excited to invite cars to cruise through Freeport on August 15 from 7-8:30 pm. You can find the route of cruise listed below.
CAR OWNERS/DRIVERS: Join the cruise route from any street. The route is open to regular traffic and will not be closed specifically for this event even though there will be officers available to help with traffic flow. Please obey all traffic laws, signals and signs.
SPECTATORS: Find the cruise route listed below and place your chairs for viewing along the route. Please try to park your car off of the route on side streets to allow for better viewing.
BEFORE THE CRUISE: There are a number of local restaurants who will be offering Cruise Specials to dine before the event begins. Please continue to check this event frequently as those specials become available.
We look forward to a great car cruise in awe of the machines and restoration artists in our area!
Thank you for being a part of Freeport Cruise-Only 2020!

2020 Thank you to our Cruise-Only Sponsors
Skinners Auto Body

Cruise Route for August 15, 7-8:30 pm
Please obey all traffic laws, signals and signs.