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Celebrations of Service

Celebrations of Service
January 19, 2023 Nicole

On Friday, the Greater Freeport Partnership Ambassadors celebrated the end of their 50th anniversary year with a dinner where Ambassador alumni and employers joined current Ambassadors in celebration. It was a fun event geared towards commemorating all the Ambassadors stand for and all that they have accomplished. 

I have been involved with the Ambassadors since I joined the Partnership more than four years ago. I have seen their commitment to service and to supporting businesses and visitors at events such as Business After Hours, Rise n’ Shines and ribbon cuttings. What struck me at the Ambassador dinner was how fondly the alumni remembered their time serving as an Ambassador and how proud they were of that service.  

Participating in a service group such as the Ambassadors gives back to its participants as much as they put into it. There is a sense of purpose, camaraderie, and enjoyment that comes from belonging to this type of group. Employers who allow their staff time to be a part of a group or a committee often receive much more in return for the staff time they allow.  

These employers have employees who have developed colleagues and friendships deepening their connection to the community. Especially for new or young staff members, this is often a good way to improve employee retention. Frequently, we hear from people who speak glowingly about the opportunity to get involved in a service club, attend the Leadership Institute, or participate in teambuilding or network building opportunities. Staff who are given these opportunities are often better employees because they feel valued and appreciated.  

Encourage your employees to get involved today! There are a great number of opportunities to serve including diverse committees and projects at the Partnership. For more information, visit our service opportunities page.