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One organization. One voice. One mission: To grow Freeport & Stephenson County.


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What does the Partnership do?

The Greater Freeport Partnership will promote Stephenson County and support businesses.  We will accomplish these goals through workforce development, marketing, beautification, business education and providing data resources.

Our history:  In June 2018, four organizations became one: Northwest Illinois Development Alliance – NIDA, Freeport Downtown Development Foundation (Downtown Freeport, Illinois), Freeport Area Chamber of Commerce and Freeport/Stephenson County Convention and Visitors Bureau/Visitors Center. The focus: create a seamless economic development, business services and tourism entity focused on providing outstanding service to those looking to start a business, grow a business and visit the area.

Collaborate Freeport, which was formed in 2015, and the All In Freeport brand are part of the new organization.

Business services and programs provided by the Chamber remain intact and provide greater value with all the organizations under one roof focused on growth.  All current Chamber members are members of the Greater Freeport Partnership.

Funding comes from the City of Freeport, NIDA investors, Chamber members, FDDF sponsors and Stephenson County.  Revenue will also be generated through co-op advertising programs, grants and revenue from events.

The Greater Freeport Partnership board includes representatives from each of the four founding organizations, plus the Freeport city manager, Stephenson County board chair, president of Highland Community College and the superintendent of the Freeport School District.

The Greater Freeport Partnership Board:

Name Board Position
Gary Quinn Chair
Mark Gridley Vice Chair
Josh Elliott Secretary
Chris Schneiderman Treasurer
Randy Bukas City of Freeport Representative
Scott Helms Stephenson County Representative
Mark Wright Board Member
Jack Carey Board Member
Mike Meade Board Member
Brooke Wagner Board Member
Mike Marten Board Member
Tim Hood Board Member
Dr. Anna Alvarado Board Member
Ross Vehmeier Board Member
C. Mark Williams Executive Director