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Local Marketing Tips for Small Business Month

Local Marketing Tips for Small Business Month
May 20, 2022 Nicole

While there have already been so many reasons to celebrate the month of May, we can not forget National Small Business Month! Small businesses and entrepreneurs employ almost half of America’s workforce and that is an even greater percentage locally. As these businesses grow and evolve, they have found innovative ways to set themselves apart from others and become necessary and welcome additions to our community. If you are a small business owner or work with one, you are aware of the time and effort it takes to hurdle demands in advertising, promoting your business, and finding the right marketing strategy for your audience. The small business marketing tips found below are specific to Freeport and Stephenson County and quickly implemented by even the busiest entrepreneur. 

  1. This one may be slightly redundant to those in general articles, but with a local twist – claim your Google listing and post to it often! Do you ever Google the name of a business or type of business you are looking for? Of course, we all do! The photos and reviews that pop up are detrimental to whether we choose to visit them. Make it a point to post to your Google My Business account at least once a week and share photos of not just your business, but of our community. It all makes a difference when people are choosing to visit. 
  1. Know your market. Do your customers come from the local area, Monroe, Sterling, Rockford, Galena, online or beyond? If you don’t know, ask. Once you have this information you can gauge what marketing efforts brought them to your door. Also, are your customers of an age and socioeconomic status that they most likely work during the day? Make an effort to offer your products or services when they are available to reach you in person or invest in technology for service online to be accessible 24/7. If you are a member of the Partnership, contact us to acquire a high-level overview of your customer base using our geofencing software. 
  1. Be a part of the group. Your business is not alone on an island where you are forced to figure things out on your own! Freeport and Stephenson County businesses are generous with their knowledge and skills and are often happy to help or refer you to someone who can. This is also where networking at business events can be extremely beneficial. The more connections you have, the more chance to find the resources you are searching for. Join the Partnership and become a member of the largest business organization in our community. 
  1. Crosspromote with other businesses. If you are referring customers to other businesses in town, chances are they will refer others back to you! Whether through collaborative events, special promotional ideas, and displaying merchandise or information for others, you are increasing the size of your audience when you work with others!  

And speaking of cross-promotion (because as the marketer I can’t miss an opportunity 😊), don’t forget to buy your tickets for Pretzel City Winefest this Saturday! It is going to be a beautiful day to enjoy wine from local retailers while shopping your favorite boutiques and stores downtown.  

It is the “Partnership” with each of these ideas that creates synergy and enthusiasm for small business throughout the year.