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Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon
February 21, 2023 Billy George

Ribbon cuttings are a traditional way a community celebrates a business that has newly opened, expanded, or moved. At the Greater Freeport Partnership, we have had the pleasure of conducting more than 60 ribbon cuttings since the beginning of 2021.  More than half of these were new businesses, and the others were expanding or relocating existing businesses or businesses celebrating significant milestones.

We hold ribbon cuttings for many reasons. We want to celebrate the entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are making the commitment and taking the risks to start or expand a business. Ribbon cuttings help to bring more attention and publicity to the new business. It is common for me to hear from people who attend a ribbon cutting that they had never heard of the business being recognized or had not been to where the business is located prior to the ceremony.

Ribbon cuttings also help to demonstrate the entrepreneurial and economic dynamism of Freeport and Stephenson County. Ribbon cuttings happen when people are making an investment in the community. They are a celebration of individuals and companies that have successfully conceived an idea, secured financing and support, worked with the municipal and county regulators, and opened a business. Ribbon cuttings are a celebration of a strong economic community.

Ultimately, ribbon cuttings are an acknowledgement of a lot of hard work and effort that usually goes on behind the scenes. Ribbon cuttings truly symbolize the community’s acceptance of and welcome to the new business.

If you know of a company that is ready to be recognized for opening or expanding a business in Stephenson County, please let us know. We would be honored to help them celebrate their accomplishment!

Bill Clow is the Business Engagement Director for the Greater Freeport Partnership. He can be reached at or 815-233-1353.