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Partnership Cash program helps consumers and local business by doubling investment

Partnership Cash program helps consumers and local business by doubling investment
April 24, 2020 Greater Freeport Partnership

The Greater Freeport Partnership has been awarded a grant from the Freeport Community Foundation’s Community Needs/Matt Marvin Unrestricted Fund to help stimulate the local economy through the use of its Partnership Cash program.

The Small Business Economic Stimulus Program utilizes the existing Partnership Cash program by offering gift certificates to nearly 40 local businesses throughout Stephenson County. With the help of grant dollars, when a consumer invests in Partnership Cash, they will be sent certificates for twice the value to spend at businesses of their choice. It is a win-win situation for local consumers and participating businesses!

“The goal of the program is to encourage residents to purchase Partnership Cash and spend those dollars with local Freeport and Stephenson County businesses. The public will be able to purchase Partnership Cash at a 50% discount up to the amount of this $10,000 grant. That means that someone spending $20 on Partnership Cash will receive $40 in certificates which spend like cash at participating businesses,” said Business Engagement Director Bill Clow.

Partnership Cash can be purchased online at The web site also has a complete list of participating businesses.

The impact of this program will not just support business, it can also be used to donate or treat families who may be struggling financially due to layoffs or other impacts of this current situation with a meal out or other needs. While Partnership Cash is good for one year, consumers are encouraged to make purchases in the coming weeks. The program can also benefit participating businesses who are closed when consumers purchase gift cards to be used at a later date when all businesses can reopen.

“We would like to thank the Freeport Community Foundation for their support of the local economy through this program. We hope that the Partnership Cash program is one more tool used to support and infuse the local businesses during these trying times,” said Development Director Andrea Schultz Winter.

Businesses interested in enrolling in the program can contact the Partnership at 815-233-1354.

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