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The Cost of Reopening

The Cost of Reopening
May 18, 2020 Greater Freeport Partnership

Right now there is a lot of discussion lately about preparing businesses for reopening and for welcoming staff and customers back onto the premises. The conversation has naturally gone toward the importance of taking measures to make sure your store, restaurant or office is as safe as possible for those who work and visit. No one is questioning the importance of appropriate safety measures. Few will deny the costs associated with NOT opening soon: revenues that are greatly reduced or non-existent, staff who cannot be paid, mounting bills, etc.

One of the things we have been discussing within the Greater Freeport Partnership, is the importance for businesses to forecast the full costs of opening to the public. There are some obvious extraordinary costs: safety equipment for staff and perhaps for customers, signage to encourage social distancing and other safety measures, increased availability of hand sanitizer, and so on. What is also important to calculate is the other costs of opening and operating in this new environment. The cost of operating at 50% capacity. The likelihood that some of your customers may not feel comfortable coming to your establishment for some time. The cost of providing single use items like menus and condiments if you are a restaurant. The challenge of serving in-store AND curbside customers at the same time. These costs are unique to each business, as is a business’s ability to absorb them.

We believe that it is important for businesses to consider when to reopen with their eyes wide open and with as full a picture as possible. With that in mind, our Partnership Panel this week will focus on matters businesses need to consider when reopening, click here to register. Our panel of experts will provide you with a variety of things to consider. Continue to check out our website at as we will be adding resources, check lists and tools to help you navigate into the next phase of your business.

No matter what stage your business is entering, at the Greater Freeport Partnership, we want to provide you with resources and assistance for a smooth and successful transition. Thank you!