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Business Springtime

Business Springtime
July 6, 2020 Greater Freeport Partnership

For me, it is not the sight of the first robin or a string of warmer days that signals the start of spring. It is that day usually in late March or early April when the sprouts first break through the dirt in the farm fields. As you drive by the fields, there appears to be a fine green mist hanging over the field, which is the first shoots breaking through the soil.  At that point, all things are possible!

Even though many businesses are struggling to find firmer financial footholds as a result of the pandemic; It seems to me, Stephenson County is experiencing something of a business springtime. There are new or relocating businesses showing up throughout the county. Every week, we are talking with entrepreneurs about their business plans. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers tell me how busy they are.

I bring this up because it is something positive and hopeful for our community.  At the Greater Freeport Partnership, we continue to work hard to work with businesses to help them find the resources they need to survive. We continue to help connect existing businesses with the services and resources they need to overcome whatever challenges they have in front of them. But we are also building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to help those who want to start or expand a business to get access to important resources in an efficient manner. We are helping businesses find viable locations and develop workforce strategies to help them grow.

Whether you are an existing business, strategizing how to move forward safely and profitably, or a new venture looking for guidance and resources, we will work hard to help you.