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Business “Advice” From Mom

Business “Advice” From Mom
May 15, 2024 Billy George

This week, we celebrated Mother’s Day and of course I thought of my mother and decided to write this column about her.

My mother was not a businessperson, she was a nurse. If she had any entrepreneurial tendencies, they were not expressed to her son. However, she was a strong believer in being true to yourself; to being an individual. For example, Mom was in favor of putting your elbows on the table at a fancy dinner and dressing up to go out for pizza. She was in favor of celebrating your differences.

Being true to your nature is good advice for businesses as well. While you should be aware of your competition and what they are doing, copying what competition is doing will only get you so far. Successful businesses identify what makes them unique in the market and celebrate it. Your differences in product or service help you stand out to the customers.

Differences can be a better product or service, better customer service, a great location, a unique or advantageous pricing model, or countless other variables. Even those who sell commodities find ways to differentiate themselves: gas stations tout membership programs, cleaner bathrooms, or convenient locations. Fast food restaurants promote their speed of service, new menu items, or reliability. It is also important that the differences are important to your customers and prospective customers.

When you are ready to promote your unique differences, or Unique Selling Proposition (USP), let us know. At the Greater Freeport Partnership, we have many ways to help you spread the word about what sets your business apart from the competition!

And always listen to your Mother!

Bill Clow is the Business Engagement Director for the Greater Freeport Partnership. He can be reached at or 815-233-1353.