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Come Home

Come Home

There is no place like home.

To hundreds of graduates in Stephenson County each May, the idea of success is moving away from home to start life on their own. Visions of education and career aspirations can take you to the far-reaching corners of the country. While all of these experiences are amazing and gratifying, some may reach a point in life when home starts to sound appealing.

For those who have contemplated a move back home, this may be an ideal time to take a closer look at all that has been happening while you have been away. Stephenson County is growing and changing and is calling its former residents back home to be part of this transformation.

Whether you have a desire to be close to family, are looking to start your own business, or want a more affordable cost of living, the communities of Stephenson County can offer you the life you remember as a child with some recent improvements.

Most of us remember youth in our hometowns as quaint, humble, and more simplistic. While many of those characteristics are quintessential to other similar Midwestern towns, Stephenson County is updating its lifestyle offerings in ways that may appeal to you.

Downtowns are being re-inhabited by local service and retail businesses with unique and creative niches. Dining and social establishments now resonate with tastes in a variety of flavors and ethnicities. Adding to the culture and diversity, Freeport is now constructing an Arts Plaza and recently opened the Children’s Hands-On Museum for additional family activities.

One of the best parts of being in your hometown is being with other members of the community. Stephenson County offers plenty of opportunities to gather with those you know and meet new friends with dozens of public events throughout the year including Music on Chicago, Pretzel City Brewfest, Lena Fall Fest, Cruise Night and many others.

Affecting change in areas you are passionate about can be difficult when the population you are influencing is much larger. In Stephenson County, your time and talent will be a value-add to the community! Passionate about the environment or childhood literacy? With non-profits in education, social service, senior services, environmental advocacy, and more there is no shortage of opportunities to become involved.

Do you have dreams of opening your own business or the flexibility of being your own boss? There is no better place to let your entrepreneurial spirit thrive! Interested residents can meet with the Small Business Development Center to learn more about creating and developing their business plan, and what opportunities may exist for financing and funding their ideas. In addition, finding the ideal location for your business is easy because numerous diverse commercial real estate options exist within the county.

Moving home is an attractive option when you want a support system to help with growing family and to share life’s most important moments. Whether you are moving home to be close to family or looking to build relationships with community who becomes family, you deserve the feeling of connection to the place you call home. Time with family is also easier to find when you aren’t logging hours behind the wheel every week commuting to and from work. Driving in and around Stephenson County has rarely seen a roadway back-up that delays you hours from coming home and offers better views, too.

Affordability offers a different type of freedom – financial freedom. One’s money goes further in smaller cities which can translate into the possibility of saving for college, buying a house with one more bedroom, making retirement plans, starting a business, enrolling children in activities, or just living more comfortably.

Come home to Stephenson County! The opportunity to live the life you’ve dreamed is supported and affordable in a beautiful location and welcoming community.


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