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Dakota’s rural landscape and authentic midwestern atmosphere will make you feel right at home in this country setting. In 2017, Dakota’s school district earned a spot on the “Top 100 School Districts in Illinois” List. 

Population: 506 (2010 Census)

President: Jason Knox, 815-449-2218

School: Dakota Community Unit School District #201 

View: ESRI Summary Report

Village of Dakota Web Site

Dakota Village Facebook Page



Water: Village of Dakota

Sewer: Village of Dakota

Electric: ComEd

Gas: Nicor

Telecommunications: Mediacom, Frontier, T6, AT&T, MCI, Sprint



As of the census of 2010, there were 551 people, 197 households, and 141 families residing in the village.

The population density is comprised of 1,732 per square mile with 203 housing units at an average density of 704.6 square miles.



  • Dakota Park & Playground with nature trail



Key Industries

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Construction, Plumbing, Heating, & Service

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Private Label Food Manufacturing

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