Freeport Reflections


#FreeportReflections is a vacant storefront art activation program designed to: Enhance the streetscape with vibrant art installation showcasing regional artists, transform people’s perception of these spaces from old and empty to dynamic and full of opportunity, and ultimately to lease these ground floor spaces.

Location: 15 S. Chicago Ave.
Artist: Melinda Cook
Installation Title:  When You Fall in Love With Trash

Summary of Installation:  I spend a lot of time walking and riding my bike around town and am always stopping to marvel at the various objects people discard. I also have a hard time throwing away all the various plastic ephemera we are bombarded with constantly as a result of regular daily life.  At the beginning of 2020 I  set a goal to start making sculptures with all this trash i’ve collected, or felt guilty throwing away.  I began building large scale structures out of all kinds of “trash” and secondary use objects, and using recycled paper for paper mache to wrap these forms and strengthen them.  So far I have created four of these “trash sculptures”  using about 90% secondary use materials. The colors and forms are very similar to my abstract painting and ceramic sculpture work.
Instagram: @make_dont_break

Location: 18 S Chicago Ave. (Formerly Odds & Ends)
Artist: Melinda Cook
Installation Title: Lindyland

Summary of Installation: After having done a few large-scale, short-term balloon installations, I have been dreaming of creating a whole balloon landscape for about a year.  My vision was to create a magical, other-worldly space with balloons that would be allowed to slowly deflate over time. It is an exercise in color and form and how the passing of time will change the form in unpredictable ways.   The colors and abstract forms I create with balloons are reminiscent of  my work in painting and other sculptural mediums.
Instagram: make_dont_break

Artist: Marisa Boyd
Installation Title: Beings Beyond The Sill

Summary of Installation:  While being a passerby, I become particularly interested in windows that are often blocked out entirely by brick, stone, or plywood and then painted over. Why were the windows bricked/boarded up? What beings lived/ live behind them? What shapes would they form? Where does that energy go? These are questions I ask myself while fantasizing about unknown otherworldly spaces.
The painted shapes are taken from a part of my practice I refer to as “closed eye drawing.” These drawings are interpretations of my surroundings through visual static, shapes, and colors behind my eyelids, as well as sound documented through lines on paper. I then erase the lines by cutting away and creating a new form. I think of these shapes as beings in space. Their history and attachment to Freeport can be fantasized about in the viewer’s mind.
Since I am not a local artist from Freeport, I explored the downtown area by engaging in Google Maps. I was able to research windows and use them for reference. It is important to me that this art installation was created to be site specific and to  open up an opportunity for the viewers to further connect with their surroundings.
Website: www.marisaboyd.com
Instagram & Facebook: @marisa.boyd.art

Location: 25 W Stephenson
Artist: Linda Vietmeyer
Installation Title: It’s All in the Details

Summary of Installation: Welcome and I hope you enjoy my most recent collection of art pieces.These pieces, for the most part, have a common thread of intricate detail, whimsical designs, patterns, lines, and shapes, woven together with portraits of children and animals.  I used fine line micron pens for the details and acrylic paint for larger areas needing color. Each piece tells a story and may even remind you of a child or pet that you know.  The exhibition/ window display was planned with  a connective color palette in mind.

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