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Supporting Our Stephenson County Businesses

If one thinks of it at all, some people believe the term “economic development” is defined narrowly as bringing new business to the area.  Of course, that is one element.  In today’s world, though, I’d submit that business retention and growth is equally important. 

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Hope & Potential: Happy Holidays, Stephenson County

Some like to talk about “the good old days”, when Freeport had lots of manufacturers and downtown shops and prosperity.  And, those days were in fact good.  But we are here in almost-2019 and need to look to the future.  And that is about hope. I’m new to town, but...

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Local Workers Wanted

On my information-gathering tour of Stephenson County’s employers, large and small, I’ve heard a consistent theme:  every business wants to attract more and higher quality workers.  With national unemployment under 4% and area unemployment at 5.3% (September 2018), it...

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