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Downtown Freeport Revitalization, Part 1: The Foundation

The Greater Freeport Partnership’s 2019 strategic plan specifically calls out improvement to Downtown Freeport as one of its goals.  Why focus on downtown?  What about the rest of the County?  Because downtowns are generally considered to be the “heart” of a region. ...

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Business is a Team Sport

It is Little League season. Which got me to thinking baseball is a sport that focuses a lot on individual actions: home runs, ERA, and errors are all statistics bestowed on individuals. Nevertheless, baseball IS a team sport. Rarely has there been a no hitter that...

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Developing a Hospitality Mentality

With the first hint of warm weather finally appearing, we are drawn to ideas of weekend getaways or vacations in our future.   As you visit different locations near and far, what experiences help shape your perception of a nice place to...

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