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Stephenson County COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Stephenson County COVID-19 Vaccine Update
February 15, 2021 Nicole

February 16, 2021

NEWS Release


Craig Beintema

Public Health Administrator

Citizens of Stephenson County, the Health Department receives a very limited amount of COVID vaccine and this supply does not align with the amount that is needed.  The amount is allocated to each state and the vaccine is being rolled out in phases in Illinois. Currently, with the assistance of FHN and Monroe Clinic, we are vaccinating Phase 1b. Phase 1b includes: individuals older than 65 years of age, K-12 education staff as well as other eligible groups but due to an extreme vaccine shortage we cannot vaccinate all of these people. We understand there are many questions in regards to the vaccine, and its availability to the general public. The State opens up additional eligibility but does not have the vaccine to do this. It is unfortunate they don’t clearly state that fact.  At this time, the demand for vaccinations greatly exceeds the supply from the State of Illinois.  For the next three weeks our allotted doses were reduced by 60%!   This makes it difficult to vaccinate.  For example, there are approximately 9,500 people over the age of 65. At this rate of vaccine supply, this group of people would take over 2 months!

Please monitor our Stephenson County Health Department Facebook page, local pharmacies such as,  the local newspaper or radio as more information on when vaccine will be open for additional priority groups.  We do anticipate that the vaccine will not be available to the general public until late Spring, however we are hopeful that production of the vaccine increases.

We most appreciate your patience and understanding.