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Independence Day

Independence Day
July 5, 2023 Billy George

I enjoy reading history, especially history of the early days of the formation of the United States. As I have talked with small business owners and entrepreneurs, more than once I have been reminded of the struggles and challenges that our early founders faced as they fought to put their vision and dream into reality.

I think that the comparison is an apt reminder that the small businesses and entrepreneurs that surround us in Freeport and Stephenson County are pioneering our economy to a new vibrancy. This area has a long history of entrepreneurial enterprise and innovation. Small businesses have long done battle against larger, better-funded opponents with the goal of winning a toehold in the market and achieving independence in their own way!

As you celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, I hope you are surrounded by people who make you happy and doing something that brings you joy. Please be safe. And if you have a moment, reflect on our local, small businesses and the patriotic work they are doing!

Happy 4th of July!


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